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Our Flavors

(Coconut sugar caramel for the ultimate melt in your mouth sweetness)
Coffee Lovers^+
(Dark chocolate ganache with an espresso base) 

(This notella is roasted hazelnuts combined with dark chocolate for the ultimate sugar-free treat)

(Lavender infused milk chocolate ganache with a hint of vanilla for a unique flavor profile that you'll remember)
Orange Blossom^+
(Organic orange blossom water which comprises of sweet, green notes with hints of floral mixed with a dark chocolate ganache)

Plain Chocolate^+
(Dark chocolate ganache)


(Organic Madagascar vanilla beans mixed with dark chocolate ganache for a bold, rich flavor where the vanilla flavor plays a starring role)



Almond Coffee~^ 
(Crushed almonds mixed with a creamy coffee ganache)
Aye! Smores*
(Three layers of deliciousness starting with a vegan marshmallow tip, center of toasted marshmallow ganache and a gluten-free speculoos cookie as the base)
Caramel Apple*
(Coconut sugar caramel mixed with the fresh juice of an organic granny smith apple for a bit of tartness mixed in with the sweet)
Golden Latte
(Turmeric, ginger, oat milk and spices for the perfect creamy ganache to tantalize your taste buds)
Mango Cream
(Organic mango pureed white chocolate ganache for a smooth, velvety texture)
Matcha Latte^
(Stone ground, premium organic Tencha leaves white chocolate ganache for a creamy tea-like sensation)
Passionfruit & Banana*
(Passionfruit and banana white chocolate ganache for the perfect balance of tartness from the passionfruit and banana sweetness for tropical fruit lovers, everywhere!)
(Peppermint infused milk mixed with a milk chocolate)


(Raw pistachio pureed into a nut butter and mixed with white chocolate for a lot of creamy and a bite of crunch)
(Three layers with a base of pomegranate flavored vegan marshmallow, a light center of crunchy hemp seeds, and a base of pomegranate infused milk chocolate ganache)
Pumpkin Pie*
(Roasted pumpkin puree sweetened with dates and mixed with spices with a gluten-free pie crust)



Strawberry Rose
(Organic strawberry puree mixed with rose water and date syrup for an elegant bonbon kiss)



^ Keto-friendly
* Seasonal
~ Contains Nuts
+ Signature Collection