Frequently asked questions

Organic and Fairtrade 
We take pride in using organic and fairtrade materials, and try to source from the rawest, most natural form of all our ingredients (e.g., we make our chocolate from cacao beans that is currently being sourced from Peru). We hope to expand our network to broaden our access as we continue to grow.

Given how we began, we focus on organic ingredients or ingredients that are as natural as possible. We hope that you enjoy the journey with us as we explore the complexities of chocolate

Do your chocolates contain sugar? 
No. Our products are sugar-free. As a sweetener for our vegan chocolates, we use the monkfruit sweetener made by Lakanto.

What do you use as a milk replacement?
We use coconut milk but we may substitute coconut milk for oat milk, flax milk, and hemp milk. 

Do your products contain salt? 
Our chocolates do not include added salt unless for a specific flavor (e.g., cacao nibs and sea salt). One of the most difficult things to find in the market were products that did not have salt added. If salt is included in the product, we will specify this on packaging in the flavor title. Sodium may be found in some of the items used in our ganaches (e.g., a cup of coffee contains 5mg of sodium and in our coffee lover ganache, we use actual coffee for the flavor). If you are avoiding salt, we recommend you select chocolates that do not contain ganache.  

Do you use artificial colorings? 
No, we use natural food colors (e.g., lavender for purple). Our chocolates may be decorated with these natural food colors mixed with cocoa butter.